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Reveal Cross-Border E-Commerce of Emerging Markets
Mr. Liao Xuhui, the CEO of Amanbo, was invited to attend the theme of “One belt one road strategy to lead the new pattern of trade, create a new era of cross-border” the second China (Shenzhen) Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit.
2017-05-02 in Amanbo News
Amanbo Brings Cross-Border E-commerce To Africa
After reporting Amanbo in the documentary "Win-win Maritime Silk Road" and the show "At Noon 12:30 ", Shenzhen TV once again reported the story about how Amanbo brings cross-border e-commerce to Africa on March 6.
2017-03-10 in Amanbo News
Sino-African e-commerce takes off
When Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi visited five African countries at the start of the year, the visit did not get half as much media attention as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to Nigeria and Kenya last year. - See more at: http://africanbusinessmagazine.com/sectors/finance/sino-african-
2017-03-03 in Amanbo News
Amanbo Held 2017 Spring Festival Party
January 16, 2017, Amanbo held the “2017 Spring Festival Party” in Shenzhen China-Africa Sustainable Development Center! Over 200 representatives attended the party.
2017-01-22 in Amanbo News
Send mobile phone to win 30 million monthly sales
The CCTV column “Build a dream in one belt one road” in “Chinese world" of CCTV Chinese International’s Chinese Channel (CCTV4) reported a story of a Jiangxi young man by sending mobile phones to win 30 million monthly sales. This Guy is Fu Ruiqiang, who is the overseas business director of Amanbo.
2017-01-20 in Amanbo News
The Dream Of An African Common Man
Youdjeu Yues, an African common man with 1 meter height body, when he lifted his dreamy LEADDER luxury speaker, we saw his brilliant smile and a pair of glittering proud and confident eyes -- he seemed to lift the world.
2017-01-19 in Amanbo News
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