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Your Kenya "shop" - Amanbo Kenya promotion was held
2017-07-05 in Amanbo News   reading quantity:

On the afternoon of June 22, Your Kenya “Shop” - Amanbo Kenya Promotion was held in Shenzhen • China-Africa Sustainable Development Center. More than 40 business representatives from the Pearl River Delta region participated in this promotion. Amanbo CEO Mr. Liao Xuhui, known by the media as "the first person in China-Africa e-commerce", whose wonderful speech and share caused the strong response from the presence of business representatives. In the promotion site, more than 30 companies confirmed the cooperation intention with Amanbo.

 The promotion started at 3 pm, Amanbo network operations manager Wang Qian introduced the Amanbo national station and operating conditions, the Kenyan market profile, and Kenyan China Trade Week, so that everyone had a general understanding for the Amanbo national station and the Kenyan market.

After a brief break, Amanbo CEO Mr. Liao Xuhui from the China-Africa relations, the African market, the African e-commerce and other aspects, in detail to analyze the current African e-commerce opportunities and in-depth to explain how Amanbo led Chinese businessmen to build the large road to Africa, whose wonderful speech encouraged the business representatives, so that many of them signed the letter of intent with Amanbo.

After the sharing part, the business representatives took a photo with Amanbo CEO Mr. Liao Xuhui.


The business representatives listen to Mr. Liao’s speech

Known as the "Canton Fair of Africa" - Kenya China Trade Week will be held on June 29 - July 1 in Nairobi, when Amanbo will go to attend. Amanbo will also take the samples carried by the business representatives to the exhibition. After taking the photo, the business representative who carried the sample gave the sample and information to Amanbo and communicated with the Amanbo-related staff on the sample detailed information.

Thebusiness representatives take a short break, enjoy the fruit and interactive exchange.

In the context of today's economic globalization, e-commerce provides a lot of convenience for the international trade. With the gradual rise of the African economy, the country's infrastructure construction is in full swing, the growing middle class to promote Africa's spending power, which provides a rare development opportunity for the China-Africa traders, and investors.

With the development of the Internet and the gradual popularization of smart phones, as a "leader of the East African economy" and one of the most promising areas of Africa, Kenya has a huge e-commerce market space.

With the development of the Internet and the gradual popularization of smart phones, Africa, the world's last blue ocean market has been opened, the African e-commerce will be full of infinite vitality. In this context, as the Ministry of Industry and Information’s key project for Africa, Amanbo focuses on "channel, brand, data" three core competitive forces, is committed to build a comprehensive Internet service ecosystem that focuses on Africa, which takes the Africa import and export cross-border e-commerce platform as the core, covering China-Africa logistics service platform, China-Africa payment platform, China-Africa human resources service platform, China-Africa investment and cultural services platform.


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