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Are there any small appliances that can be used?
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home appliances ,Good things to recommend

1 juice extractor

Juicer As its name suggests, it has many functions. His first function is to do the pure fruit juice or pure vegetable juice, in addition to this, it's the second function and the function of mixing, of course, it is the best function can be used to crush meat, people in daily life, use multi-function juicer for mince, is also a very good choice, and multi-function juicer blade can be choose, People can choose blades in whatever shape they want to cut. The last function of the juicer is to cut the food. It can also grind the food. These are the main functions of the juicer.



electric kettle 

Electric kettle adopts steam intelligent induction temperature control, with the function of automatic power off after boiling water, dry heating power off. As the need of life, now electric kettle is also developing to multifunctional direction, such as leak-proof, ironing, lock water. Electric kettles have the advantages of fast heating, good insulation effect, strong filtration function, and many styles.



water purifier 

In today's increasingly serious water pollution, water purifier can defeat water pollution, to provide users with a clean and healthy water environment. A water purifier has such magical power to transform a delinquent into a good citizen.



 Electric Hand Mixer

The emergence of blender facilitates our life, can do a lot of delicious and good to drink, such as mixed juice, soybean milk, etc., can also stir meat, and even do some of the baby love to eat supplementary food, rich variety, diverse functions, can be said to save time and manpower.



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