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How to buy the right oximeter?
2021-09-11 14:51:31 in New Product Introductionreading quantity:1

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As the standard of living improves, more and more people are becoming aware of the seriousness of sub-health problems, of which for people prone to hypoxia, oximeters are of great importance in monitoring blood oxygen concentration. The consequences of chronic oxygen deprivation can be severe, leading directly to asphyxia, shock and death. By monitoring the ratio of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin to non-oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in the arteries, the oximeter gives us feedback on the oxygen concentration, which allows us to replenish oxygen in time to reduce the incidence of disease.


With the promotion of oximetry on the market today, many brands of oximeters have emerged. Consumers are often at a loss as to how to choose when faced with the wide range of items on the market. So, what are the brands of oximeters? How should I choose?


1、Some intelligent oximeters on the market have a built-in calibration function, so you can get similar results to a biochemistry meter when measuring finger blood. Some manufacturers' products come with quality control solution and test cards to check the accuracy of the oximeter and to detect whether the oximeter is working properly, so be careful to ask when purchasing.

2, the size and clarity of the display, the convenience of battery replacement, whether the appearance is beautiful, size, etc. to see the accuracy of the first point should be clear, the accuracy of the current home use oximeter is not up to the diagnostic standards. However, the value of the oxygen content measured should be similar to the value of the biochemical blood test, not too different.

3、You should look at the warranty items and other after-sales services and services You should know the warranty period of the oximeter.

4、See the price When selecting an oximeter, you should not only look at the price of the instrument, but also consider the overhead of consumables.

In summary, the majority of consumers should be aware that some smart oximeters on the market today have a built-in calibration function and can be used to measure finger blood to obtain results similar to those of biochemistry measuring venous blood. Some manufacturers' products come with quality control solutions and test cards to test the accuracy of the oximeter and to detect whether the oximeter is working properly, which should be asked about when purchasing.


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