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Increase libido: how to increase your libido as a man
2021-10-12 11:11:25 in New Product Introductionreading quantity:100




In this article we want to give you some helpful tips on how you can increase your libido in a natural way. Even men do not always feel like having sex and experience a down phase once in a while.

Sexual attraction depends not only on lifestyle, but many external influences can affect your libido.

The most important information in brief

The desire for sex can decrease due to hormonal changes. Furthermore, psychological disorders or the use of certain medications can also cause the desire for sex to wane.

If you notice that your sexual interest has waned over a longer period of time, you should contact your family doctor and have the symptoms clarified.

With age, there may be a loss of libido, as testosterone is only produced and released in smaller quantities. If this is the case, different approaches can be taken. However, this should be discussed with the family doctor.

Definition: What does libido mean?

The word libido comes from Latin and means desire. We speak of loss of libido when the desire for sex becomes less. However, this does not mean that affected people do not have sex or do not satisfy themselves. Men with low libido can still be sexually aroused and come to orgasm.

Women can also get wet and be sexually satisfied. Basically, loss of libido simply defines the lack of desire for sex.

Background: Why does the desire for sex vary?


Both men and women will notice in the course of life that the sexual drive will be missing in certain life situations. Mostly this is due to hormones. Of course, stress or other illnesses can also be the reason for a lack of desire for sex.

What are the possibilities for a man to increase libido?

Depending on how much it bothers you that the sexual drive is missing, there are different methods to increase your libido. You can increase your libido mainly in a natural way, by paying attention to your diet and a balanced lifestyle. Below we will list some ways to increase libido:

Diet and exercise: diet and exercise lead to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy person can do much more. If you do not feel well in your own body, it can lead to the fact that the libido also suffers. Exercising once or twice a week will not only keep you fit, but can naturally push your sexual drive.

Testosterone injections or patches: This method is often used for men above a certain higher age. It is important to have your own testosterone production clarified by a doctor. In the course of this, you can ask your family doctor for advice on whether this method is suitable for you.

Stress prevention: Do you suffer from professional or private stress? This can cause your libido to suffer as well. You should make sure that you reduce stress and focus more often on relaxing evenings. Among other things, you can also get support from a professional coach.

To what extent can I increase my libido through communication?

Communication is often underestimated in terms of sexual drive. Sexual attraction varies and communication with your partner is the be-all and end-all. Due to this, you should always talk and honestly admit what you desire and what you don't.

The needs can be satisfied mutually - if your partner wants that. You can try out a wide variety of things. Give free rein to creativity!

How can foreplay increase pleasure?

Foreplay is an important part of sex for both the woman and the man. Often you can hardly wait until it goes to the Angemachte. Nevertheless, you should sometimes extend the foreplay. Maybe also try something new there or also try out sex toys.

Mostly you also notice during foreplay what the other wants or also what you are into. You can also improve the performance in bed through prolonged foreplay. Furthermore, a slower pace can make the orgasm more intense.

How can I tell that my libido is disturbed?

If you notice over a longer period of time that the desire for sex is less or no longer as intense, you may be suffering from a loss of libido. In the case of a complete loss of libido, affected individuals no longer have any desire for sex at all.

However, this condition is only referred to if the desire is absent for more than six months. In this case, you should contact your family doctor and clarify the symptoms. In most cases, the desire will come back on its own. However, you should always pay attention to a balanced lifestyle.


A man's libido is often disturbed by various life situations. Stress, improper diet or taking medication, can cause the desire for sex to become less. This problem can be brought back under control through various natural measures.

If you notice that you cannot solve the problem without help, you should contact your family doctor. This way, an individually created therapy can be started to increase your libido again.

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