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Increase libido: how to increase your libido as a woman
2021-10-12 11:11:31 in New Product Introductionreading quantity:103




Loss of libido in women is nothing unusual. Various causes and different life situations can contribute to a change in a woman's sexual desire. Hormonal changes, pregnancy or even menopause quickly upset the hormonal balance.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to some tips and tricks on how you can increase your libido without any hormone bombs.

The most important information in brief

Especially in women, a loss of libido can occur in various life situations. Pregnancies or taking the pill often prevent the release of hormones that are needed for sexual pleasure.

If you rely on the pill for contraception, various natural methods can be used to increase sexual desire. However, the effectiveness of these methods cannot be guaranteed.

There are various foods that can increase sexual desire, especially in women. However, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the consumption of healthy foods, but also to exercise more often.

Background: Why the pill decreases libido

Many women report that after stopping the pill, sexual desire becomes more intense. Scientific studies also show that although the pill improves hormonal balance to a certain extent, it suppresses various hormones that are responsible for the sexual drive.

Depending on the pill, taking it may not have any effect on libido. If you notice that your sexual drive is not as intense as it was before taking the pill, you can switch to other contraceptive methods. Condoms or the copper IUD are recommended. You should discuss this change with your gynecologist.

What natural methods can I try against libido loss?


If you are in a phase in which your hormone balance is disturbed, a loss of libido may be normal for a short time. The desire for sex usually returns after a few days or weeks. If you have been suffering from libido loss for a longer period of time, you should consult your gynecologist.

Nevertheless, you can try to increase your libido through various tips:

Sports and diet: it has been proven that various foods have a libido-increasing effect. Also, moderate but regular exercise can release hormones responsible for sexual drive in both men and women.

Discontinuing certain medications: Certain medications are known to lower libido. In most cases, doctors already warn about this when prescribing them or you can read about it in the instructions for use. If it is no longer necessary to take the medication, you should stop taking it.

Masturbation: Usually libido increases when you take enough time for yourself. Relaxed solo sex without any pressure. This will help you get to know yourself and your needs in a new way.

Self-confidence: If you feel comfortable in your own body, your pleasure level also increases. Love your body, wear sexy underwear and you will notice, the libido increases all by itself!

Why should you always try something new?

Almost everyone knows it: If the same thing always happens in bed, it eventually becomes boring. That's why you should try new things. Other positions or even the use of sex toys can intensify the orgasm. Communicate with your partner and get inspiration from the Internet.

Communication is known to be the be-all and end-all. Especially when you have different needs. Bringing in new ideas can quickly give your own sex life a whole new touch. Small inspiration: maybe a different place - maybe where it's not quite common.

When should I see a doctor due to loss of libido?

You should see a doctor when natural methods do not work, or when the loss of libido lasts too long. By analyzing the blood count, the hormone balance can also be examined in order to be able to make further therapy suggestions.

If you have been given suggestions for therapy, you should in any case seek the opinion of another doctor, as this will help to confirm the course of therapy. Especially if further medication is to be taken.


Women's libido is often a mystery. Pregnancies, menopause or other hormonal changes can be responsible for the loss of libido. If you notice that the desire for sex is not present for a long period of time, you can contact your family doctor.

However, it is usually only a phase in which the sexual drive decreases. This usually comes after a few weeks. In the meantime, you can determine your needs through masturbation. Perhaps there is one or the other thing you would like to try out with your partner.

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