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All about your libido and how you can increase it through your diet
2021-10-12 11:11:37 in New Product Introductionreading quantity:111




Welcome to our blog all about your libido. In this blog we want to give you helpful tips on how you can increase your libido - and that naturally. 

Of course, there are some foods that can increase libido in a completely natural way. We want to list these foods for you, to consequently make them a bit more concrete!

The most important information in brief

Every person finds a wide variety of actions sexually stimulating. But in some phases of life the desire for sex decreases. Often it is due to hormones or other events.

In women, libido is strongest around ovulation and before menstruation. The loss of libido usually comes very suddenly and unexpectedly.

You can increase your libido naturally by taking various foods.

Definition: What is libido? 

Basically, libido is the sexual stimulation in a woman or a man. In this regard, various actions are perceived as sexually stimulating. At different stages of life, a loss of libido may occur and sexual stimulation may not be as intense.

Every now and then it is helpful to get to know yourself and your own sexuality better. Solo sex can help you figure out what you like and don't like. What turns you on is constantly changing. If you are not properly satisfied sexually, it can affect your libido in the long run.

In the following sections, we'll introduce you to some helpful tips on how you can quickly increase your libido - without any chemical aids.

Background of libido loss: what you should know about your libido

As you already know, libido does not only depend on you. If you've had bad, sexual experiences, that can affect your libido, among other things. The principle of getting to know yourself better applies.

No matter what age you are. Sexual attraction and what turns you on can change daily. Experts advise that despite having a partner, you should also satisfy yourself from time to time or reveal your sexual preferences to your partner as well. This not only strengthens the bond with your partner, but also increases your desire.

How can I increase my libido in a natural way?

Increase libido - and without any chemical supplement. Various researches on this topic prove that some foods have the power to influence your libido. With the help of exercise and the right diet, this can be easily achieved.

It's better to avoid chemical supplements - you'll be doing yourself and your body a favor in any case.

How do sex toys and masturbation help to increase libido?

Sex toys can give you a completely different orgasm. Why not give them a try? As long as it pleases you and your partner. Sex toys are not only for women a good alternative to come faster and easier to an orgasm. Men can benefit from them as well.

As has already been noted, you can also increase your libido through masturbation. Comfortably and undisturbed with everything that belongs to it and what you like. It is always important to get to know yourself and your own preferences. Only then can you share these preferences with your partner and sex becomes an experience again. Again, whether you are a man or a woman, you can use sex toys and maybe try them out with your partner.

Increase libido: Which foods can help you?


In and of itself, you should follow all the tips if you want to increase your libido in a natural way. However, an important factor is also the diet. Through various studies it can be said that the following foods can increase libido.

That's why we want to introduce you to these foods:


According to studies, ginger can increase libido in a natural way. However, it is best to consume ginger in moderation and fresh. A fresh ginger-lemon tea and consumption is already sufficient. In China, ginger root has been considered very effective for hundreds of years, as ginger gives the circulation a bit of a boost and promotes blood flow.

Through an increased consumption of ginger, it may be that the orgasm is also perceived more intense.


Avocados have been considered a trendy food for a while now, and they offer you a lot of benefits due to their high vitamin E content. The unsaturated fatty acids stimulate blood circulation and increase the sensation of stimulation. Tryptophan is converted to serotonin in the brain and thus releases happiness hormones. This effect ensures that your sexual thoughts really get going.


The oyster is the natural sexual enhancer. Due to the high amount of zinc, it stimulates the production of testosterone in the body. In addition, oysters have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. These improve blood flow and therefore also increase male potency.  

Ginseng root 

Ginseng is the Asian healing root and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ages. However, the root is also gaining more and more attention in Europe. The ginseng root is said to stimulate the increase of testosterone production in the body, which in the course of this has a potency- and lust-increasing effect. To guarantee the effect in the long term, the ginseng root should be taken regularly. 


Everybody knows it: In general, alcohol stimulates the desire in the brain and makes you think less and just do it. Champagne and the carbonic acid it contains stimulate and excite the nerves in the mouth. Nevertheless, you should not overdo it with alcohol and you should know your limits, because only then the evening will be a success. 


Watermelons not only taste good, but also have a strong effect on the potency of men. The effect that watermelon has on the body is often compared by experts to Viagra. The citrulline in watermelon causes blood circulation to be stimulated and in the course of this, erectile function increases. Therefore, you should reach for watermelon more often in the summer and enjoy the effect. 


It is clear that many foods that some people eat every day can increase libido. Therefore, if you have a loss of libido, you should eat these foods in order to increase your libido in a natural way. 

Furthermore, you should get to know yourself and your body better and closer. Solo sex and sex toys could inspire you to get to know new things and to live out your fantasies. Discuss certain preferences with your partner. Open communication strengthens the bond and improves sex in the long run. 

The team of UP-BRO wishes you a lot of fun while trying it out! 

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