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Amanbo Held New Year Reception in Nakuru
2016-12-27 in Amanbo News   reading quantity:


On the morning of December 20, 2016, the Amanbo Kenya Operation Center held the "Amanbo Nakuru Market New Year Reception" in Nakuru, which invited more than 30 Nakuru’s purchasing agents come here for celebrating Christmas and New Year together, and Amanbo also promoted its platform and merchant products to them.


Nakuru, the capital of the Rift Valley province, is one of the most important cities in Kenya. It is about 140 km from Kenya's capital Nairobi, and is a distribution center for livestock products, coffee and tea. Here are agricultural products, wool, leather, wood processing and other industries. The famous Nakuru Lake is right here and famous for its flamingos.



The "Amanbo Nakuru Market New Year Reception" was held in the form of the most popular local breakfast meeting in Kenya. At the reception, Amanbo operation center staff firstly introduced Amanbo's overview and strengths, and highlighted the situation of the operation center in Kenya, deepening the understanding and trust of purchasing agents for Amanbo. Amanbo Kenya operation center staff also in detail explained the Amanbo APP functions for everyone and live demonstrated the operations, so that the purchasing agents will be able to faster find the goods and inquiries, and place orders through Amanbo APP.


The next part was to promote the Chinese products to the purchasing agents, which were hot-sale products in Amanbo.com. The staff of Amanbo Kenya operation center prepared home appliances, digital accessories and other products. The products were sold out by the enthusiastic purchasing agents in a short time.



In order to thank the purchasing agents for active participation, supporting and trusting Amanbo, Amanbo Kenya operation center prepared a lot of prizes to give them in the form of the live lottery.



Since Amanbo Kenya operation center was established, it carried out a variety of promotional activities, attracting an increasing number of African purchasing agents’ attention and support. Amanbo other overseas operation centers are also carrying out all kinds of operational promotion activities for the platform business, which has accumulated more and more purchasing agents resources. Amanbo will with the majority of businessmen together to create a new blue ocean of China-Africa e-commerce. They also have reason to believe that a huge population of 1.2 billion market in Africa will give them a huge return!


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