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Amanbo Help KENNEDE Brand to Go Overseas
2022-04-25 in Amanbo News   reading quantity:

KENNEDE Goes Overseas——Africa Station

Invited by Amanbo, more than 20 guests from Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Angola and other African countries, consulate counselors and representatives of chambers of commerce, attended the event.

At ten o'clock in the morning, the guests arrived at the KENNEDE headquarters. Manager Zeng Xiaoyan, head of the African market of KENNEDE, led the guests to visit the product exhibition hall.

KENNEDE's lighting, fans and small household appliances and other categories left a deep impression on the guests with their down-to-earth design, solid workmanship and diverse styles.

Afterwards, the heads of relevant KENNEDE departments led the guests to visit the production workshop. In the production workshop, all kinds of automation equipment have greatly improved the production efficiency, the production discipline of each department is strict, and the production activities are carried out in an orderly manner, which makes the guests feel the superb management level of a listed company.


Visit Product Showroom

Visit Production Workshop



Guest Admission



After the visit, in the lecture hall, the KENNEDE brand launch conference officially started.

First of all, Mr. Chen Kaiyuan, Executive President of KENNEDE, delivered a speech. Mr. Chen first welcomed the arrival of the guests. Mr. Chen introduced the two-wheel drive of "branding and digitalization" and the company mission of "creating gold products and achieving a win-win future". and brand overseas strategy.

Afterwards, Ms. Wu Wenmin, general manager of the smart home appliance business department of Guangdong Kinglight Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and Ms. Lu Jinyi, business team leader, introduced the basic situation of Kinglight enterprise. Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Kinglight has always insisted on repaying customers with high-quality products and strictly abiding by quality. The design that meets the needs of the market and the needs of the market has made Kinglight recognized by customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The sales network all over the world provides personalized products and services for customers in different regions.

This digitalization and branding strategy is an important decision based on the current market environment. The African market has always been an important part of KENNEDE's global market, and it is hoped that this event will lay a good foundation for the brand to go abroad to Africa. Ms. Lu Jinyi also introduced the investment promotion policy to the distinguished guests.


Mr. John, Minister-level Minister of Ghana, delivered a speech on the event in the form of video. He congratulated the event, expressed optimism about the development prospects of China-Africa e-commerce, affirmed KENNEDE's corporate strength, and wished the KENNEDE brand to be successful in Africa. Have a good market performance.

Mrs. Kadiatou, Commercial Counselor of the Consulate General of Mali in Guangzhou, delivered a speech on the spot. First of all, she thanked the organizer for the invitation. China and Mali have a good relationship, economic and trade cooperation has become increasingly close, and KENNED has strong strength. expressed optimism.

Chairman of Amanbo Liao Xuhui delivered a keynote speech on "Opportunities, Challenges and Reflections on Digital Trade in Emerging Markets - Taking Africa as Example" at the meeting. Mr. Liao briefly introduced the current situation of the African market to the guests in English and based on the African market The actual situation The OSO digital three-dimensional marketing plan launched by Amanbo, this speech has been unanimously affirmed by the guests present.

In the signing session, the executive president of Kinglight Chen Kaiyuan and the chairman of Amanbo Liao Xuhui signed a brand cooperation agreement to go overseas.

Afterwards, the guests present took a group photo, and this brand launch conference came to a successful conclusion!

KENNEDE has a relatively good customer base and trade base in the African market. The company's fans and mobile lighting products occupy the forefront of the market in West Africa and other countries and regions. Through traditional trade and OEM, KENNEDE has brought good benefits. However, with the normalization of the epidemic and the continuous changes in the business environment, traditional trade is also facing more and more new problems, and the disadvantages are more obvious.

KENNEDE actively seeks change and innovation, and hopes to deploy the African market in advance through branding and digital transformation. Combined with Amanbo's 20 years of localization and digital experience in Africa, the advantages of the supply chain can be transformed into market competitiveness and brand influence.

Based on 20 years of experience in the African market, Amanbo will help KENNEDE to optimize and improve products, improve the level of lean production, and achieve continuous product updates and iterations by collecting and integrating customer demand feedback in overseas markets;

This event is an important step for KENNEDE to deploy the African market through branding and digital transformation. I believe that cooperation with Amanbo can help KENNEDE improve the development speed and quality of digitalization and branding, build KENNEDE brand awareness in Africa, and establish this category. The benchmark for the brand to go overseas.



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