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China Overview

Weasel and rooster for Chinese New Year
To avoid being treated as a weasel, people are sending their blessings on New Year’s Eve this year.
2017-02-07 in China Culture&Customs
Door is opening for new business
China's moves to further ease foreign investment policies will open doors in some monopoly sectors this year while prohibiting local governments from curbing foreign companies
2017-02-07 in Economy
Chinese people mark festival with 'eight treasure porridge'
It's customary on this day to eat a special Laba congee, or eight treasure porridge, usually made with at least eight ingredients, representing people's prayers for harvest, happiness and peace.
2017-01-06 in China Culture&Customs
China versus US in e-commerce
China versus US in e-commerce
2016-11-17 in Science&Technology
China's English skills improving, new report says
The English proficiency of the Chinese has improved since last year but is still at a middle level compared with other non-English-speaking countries, said a report released on Tuesday in Beijing.
2016-11-17 in China Education
Quick facts on China's internet industry
Quick facts on China's internet industry
2016-11-16 in Science&Technology
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